Monday, 12 March 2007


Are you still out there, Mr Alien? Sightings of you seem to be in decline. Or could it be that it’s just the media glare shifting off you? And if it is, is this because you’ve become shy, or weren’t you really there at all?
This is the problem with alien visitations: are they out there, or inside your head? This is not to ridicule the subject – indeed I find the subject fascinating. And even if the latter, we still have a mystery, perhaps more interesting that if Mr Alien was real.
One answer to the possible decline in perceived visitations is that the media creates them – meaning a belief will inevitably produce ‘evidence’ of itself. Hence, with the media moving away, the belief is waning.
Another answer is to invoke ‘cultural tracking.’ This says that we’ve always seen strange visitations, but the nature of the sighting changes as our cultural expectation shifts. In this theory, what used to be fairies in the Middle Ages are aliens today.
To advance the theory, aliens may be in decline because the nature of the sighting has shifted. So what are we fascinated by today, and want to see? I know – celebrities. That would fit. After all, most of them are from another planet.

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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