Wednesday, 14 March 2007


The sight of Blair sucking up to Arnie Schwarzenegger on the news last night was nauseating. It is clear he is looking to the future and seeing the dollar signs in front of his eyes. He’s already done a part in the Simpsons. Are we soon to see ‘Blair – the Movie’ starring – guess who?
This double act was orchestrated to highlight the ambitious 60% reduction in carbon emissions in the UK. It is a policy that will no doubt place a proviso on Blair’s political obituary. ‘Yes, he did Iraq, but … hey, the man’s green!’
Don’t you believe it. A 60% reduction will never happen with existing technology, and big business will never allow oil to go by the way side. There will be ‘cosmetics’, but change will only come through new, smaller businesses being supported, and using green tech still on the drawing board.
Blair knows this. He’s only agreed it now because he knows he won’t be in place to take the blame when it back-fires.

© Anthony North, Mar 2007

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