Monday, 12 March 2007


America's most infamous robbers were Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie Parker was a pretty Baptist born in 1911. Her father died when she was four and they moved to Texas. It was here she met 21 year old Clyde Barrow, a sadist and petty thief.
Arrested for burglary, Bonnie smuggled a gun to him and he escaped. A further period in prison led him to get someone to cut off two toes. Released on crutches, he soon joined Bonnie and they began their life as outlaws, holding up and shooting their way through America.
Natural bunglers, killing was the way they escaped. By March 1933 they were joined by Clyde’s brother and wife. Evading one shoot-out in July a major firelight led to his brother being shot up.
Bonnie and Clyde continued their killing spree and robberies until six heavily armed policemen pumped 87 rounds into their Ford Sedan on 23 May 1934. The escapades of Bonnie and Clyde had come to a bloody end.

(c) Anthony North, Feb 2007

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