Monday, 12 March 2007


Scotland has its very own UFO flap. In November 1979 a sighting of a UFO was made by a forester near Livingston, Falkirk. Featured on national media, by the late 1980s the local council decided to place a plaque to commensurate the event, and, of course, provide a bit of a tourist attraction.
However, Livingston was close to Bonnybridge, in the heart of a rural area of Scotland. In March 1992 a huge, whirring blue light was seen in the area which scared three people.Councillor Billy Buchanan was intrigued by the event and called for other witnesses. Within a week, 22 had come forward.
Further sightings were then made, including video footage, and by September 1992 the Scottish media were speculating that Bonnybrldge was becoming a centre for UFO activity.
Levels of sightings have now fallen, but sky watches still meet at a local pub. Ideas have even been aired about turning part of the area into a UFO theme park. Buchanan even suggested, in 2001, that Bonnybridge should seek to be twinned with Roswell, the most famous of all UFO locations.

(c) Anthony North, Feb 2007

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