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The most haunted house in Britain was often said to be Borley Rectory in Suffolk. At the beginning of the 19th century the house was the home to one Rev Henry Bull, an eccentric who was thought to be a bit of an occultist.
When the Rev Eric Smith moved into the rectory in 1928, he claimed to see spectral nuns, coaches and headless men. Intrigued, famed psychical researcher and maverick, Harry Price, went to investigate, and continued to visit the rectory for years.
By the time the Rev Lionel Foyster and his wife Marianne moved into the house in 1930, Borley Rectory was manifesting classic poltergeist phenomena , including materializations, strange noises , floating furniture and inexplicable fires.
However, it was always suspected that Price, or a hysterical Marianne, were behind the events. For instance, a reporter who was pelted with pebbles found Price’s pockets full of them.
Eventually the rectory burnt down, and in 1956 the Society f or Psychical Research published a devastating report , blaming acoustics and wind vortices for much of the phenomena.

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richardmorris said...

Price knew Marianne Foyster was behind the writing on the walls at Borley. In a letter to the theologian Sir Arnold Lunn Price wrote: 'I think she wanted to drive her husband away from the rectory, which is in a very quiet and lonely spot. But I cannot print bthis explanation; I daren't even hint at it, so that part of the doings of the Most Haunted House must remain.' Some years after this magnanimous confession Price published two books on Borley and claimed a nun was responsible for the writing. It was a lie which was supported by his first biographer Paul Tabori. I am Price's third biographer and my book Harry Price: The Psychic Detective (Sutton January 2006)uses original source material only.