Friday, 2 March 2007


Honeybees have begun to disappear in their billions across America. Part of an industry that breeds them especially for pollination, there is a risk of increased food prices as the absconded bees fail to pollinate.
Various reasons have been put forward for the mystery. A fungus, virus, or maybe insecticides have been blamed. Another idea is that, seeing they are specially bred to pollinate, they could have over worked and dropped dead.
There is a worrying aspect to the environment in this. If it becomes a recurring problem, and even spreads to other parts of the world, ecosystems could go out of balance. And declining bee populations could devastate agriculture.
Of course, we all know about this don’t we? Nope. It has hardly been reported; and when it is it is in terms of economic damage to agriculture alone. So much for an environmentally aware media.

© Anthony North, March 2007

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