Sunday, 25 March 2007


The European Union is 50 this week. Not much has been said about the EU of late. Parties are vying for position in preparation for Blair going – they daren’t mention it. So we’ll see how much coverage it gets over the following days.
A recent poll by Harris Interactive for the Financial Times says Britain is the most pessimistic country member regarding the EU. A third of Brits think it is too bureaucratic. Why are we Brits so against it?
First of all the undemocratic nature of EU officials is against the British sense of fairness and democracy. The fact that we’re an island race certainly must play a part. But the central reason we hardly think about nowadays.
Britain and the continent share a different philosophy. We come from an empirical philosophical approach, ending in pragmatism. Most of Europe dealt in continental rationalism, and grand schemes – such as the EU, infact. This approach is alien to our philosophy and character.
At our core we are people who cooperate and compromise. At Europe’s core is a sense of integration and design. We must always cooperate with the continent, but not integrate.

© Anthony North, Mar 2007


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