Monday, 12 March 2007


So your little house has a poltergeist infestation. Things have been going bang for ages, and those pots and pans just won’t stay where they’re supposed to. And when that ‘spirit’ is suddenly seen, you know the Devil is at bay and you need help.
All these things can appear to happen if a poltergeist is let loose. But whether the incidents are real or a form of communal hysteria and hallucination is a moot point. After all, the priest would argue that the best cure for such an infestation is exorcism. How could it be anything but supernatural if the power of God cleanses the haunting?
Actually, I would argue a good old exorcism is the best cure for the poltergeist. Whatever the cause, the main culprit is a growing sense of fear.
The Devil is said to feed off fear, and if psychological, fear is the food of the haunting. And I can think of no better way of combating fear than getting in a priest, let him rant and rave about the place, and tell you there is a force for good that can beat it.He gives you the authority to rid the fears, and the infestation, yourself.

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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