Saturday, 31 March 2007


Fifteen British sailors remain hostage to Iran’s political whims. The UN gives a half-hearted response and the Iranian’s rub their hands in glee. Britain, it seems, is facing ultimate humiliation. A US officer even asked: why the hell didn’t they fight back?
This is the worrying aspect of all this. We appear to have been clearly in Iraqi waters. I’m not saying we should have blown the Iranian boats out of the water, but why were our sailors left so exposed as to be taken so easily?
I suspect the answer comes from the fog of borders – not physical borders, but the rules of engagement separating political from military objective. And in effect, it looks to me like the local military leadership was tied to political direction.
When this becomes the way of a military operation, it is bound to fail. And our military are let down by their political masters once more.

© Anthony North, Mar 2007

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