Monday, 5 March 2007


Conspiracy theory is a troubling area of research. Let me make something plain. I hardly believe any of them. But I am aware that to be totally sceptical is a ridiculous stance to make. It is ridiculous for the following reason.
Whatever happens in society must have a reason. To dismiss something out of hand, without searching, seriously, for the reason, is to ignore impulses within society. And when impulses are ignored, we are not aware that trouble is brewing.
Conspiracy theory must, therefore, be taken seriously. For instance, consider this. A theorist cannot work alone. They must have the oxygen of publicity to become a conspiracy theorist in the first place. Without an audience, no one knows what they are, so they cannot be what they are.
The audience and the theorist are therefore conspiring against us.

(c) Anthony North, Jan 2007

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