Monday, 12 March 2007


The Great Train Robbery happened when a gang stopped and descended upon the Glasgow to London mail train at Bridego Bridge, Bucks, at dawn on 8 August 1963. Organised by small time crooks Bruce Reynolds and Thomas Wisbey, they used army lorries and dressed in balaclavas for the raid, disappearing to nearby Leatherslade Farm to lie low. But it didn't go accorder to plan.
Train driver Jack Mills fought back, being coshed over the head. But the biggest mistake was not sweeping clean the farm when they left. Police found fingerprints of all the gang.
Although netting over £2 million the gang was rounded up over the next couple of years. Buster Edwards escaped abroad, but eventually came back. Many got 30 years. One - Ronnie Biggs escaped from prison, gaining Brazilian citizenship by getting a woman pregnant and having a son. Biggs finally came home in 2000 for hospital treatment.
(c) Anthony North, Feb 2007

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