Monday, 12 March 2007


Who can forget the assassination of President John F Kennedy on 23 November 1963 as his motorcade drove through Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Amid several shots, the killer bullet hit just below his Adam’s Apple, going on to split his skull. Accompanied by his wife, Jackie, and Texas Governor John Connally, the image of the event ls one of THE iconic moments of the 20th century.
Racing him off to the Parkland Memorial Hospital, Kennedy died just before one o’clock. Meanwhile, just after the event, loner Lee Harvey Oswald walked out of the Texas School Book Depository where he’d fired the shots from a sixth floor window. A sniper’s rifle was later found. Arrested shortly afterwards, Oswald was himself shot dead two days later by club owner Jack Ruby, a man with close Mafla connections.
Despite the following Warren Commission which claimed no conspiracy was involved in the assassination, from that day to this, the idea that Kennedy was assassinated through conspiracy has remained. Organised by either Mafla or Right Wing elements in America itself, evidence of a conspiracy is thought to be on the amateur film footage taken of the assassination by Abraham Zapruder.
For instance, Kennedy’s driver seems to turn round and point a gun at Kennedy. On a summer’s day, a man in the crowd holds an umbrella, lifts it and seems to pump it at the car as if firing a poisoned flachette. Even eyewitnesses are sure there was more going on, such as those stood by a grassy knoll who heard a shot whizz past them.
Further conspiracies have prompted ideas of the ‘magic bullet’, which seemed, due to Kennedy’s injuries, to have a trajectory beyond physics. Put simply, one bullet could not have done the damage. Rumours also circulated that his brain had been removed, to hide evidence.

(c) Anthony North, Jan 2007

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