Monday, 12 March 2007


Can a curse make you have an accident? I’ve researched hundreds of cases and despite what believers and skeptics say, two things are clear to me: first, in all cases the person knows, or suspects, a curse is upon him; and second, if the person believes it can work, it does.
We can, of course, invoke the supernatural and argue an other-worldly cause for the curse to work, but there is a far more simple explanation. We go through life within an inner form of routine. Over years of repetition, we tackle the world in our own peculiar way. However, should we become worried that an accident could befall us, we suddenly take more care in what we do.
This is, infact, a major error, for as soon as we are ‘careful’, we no longer act or coordinate ourselves as we’re used to. And the obvious implication here is that we can become clumsy simply through trying not to be.
And guess what. In no time at all you have an accident, and the curse is fulfilled.

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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