Monday, 5 March 2007


Few ghosts are as persistent as the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, Norfolk, thought to be the daughter of Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole. Dorothy Walpole married one Charles Townsend after living a scandalous life. When Charles found out about her past, he imprisoned her in a room in the Hall for ten years until her death. However, she has been seen many times since then.
One famous witness was George III who, staying at the Hall, woke up one night to see her standing by his bed. Another witness saw her in a corridor, and walked through her. In 1835 a Colonel described her brown attire, but also noted the apparition seemed to have no eyes, her appearances becoming malevolent.
Indeed, when Captain Frederick Marryat saw her with a group of friends, she chased them into their room, laughing wickedly. However, the most amazing sighting was when two photographers were taking pictures of a staircase in the Hall in 1936. Seeing a shape, they exposed a plate. The plate showed the vague outline of a woman in bridal costume.

(c) Anthony North, Feb 2007

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