Friday, 9 March 2007


Much evidence of reincarnation comes from past life regression. What this means is that someone hypnotises you and takes you back ‘beyond birth.’ It is quite surprising how many people go on to relate one or more past lives. But is it proof of reincarnation?
One possible answer to the phenomenon is cryptomnesia. This is an ability of the mind to recall facts from deep in the unconscious. Some researchers have asked the subject where the knowledge of the past life came from.
The answer usually confirms cryptomnesia. The hypnotized subject can relate films seen and books read way in the past. Indeed, this is often the source of the accurate historic information recalled in past life regression.
What seems to happen is that the subject relates something seen or read to their own situation in life. During hypnosis the memory interposes itself on the person’s hopes and dreams, resulting in a fantasized personality from the past.
Sceptics do, of course, use this to ridicule such research, but this is ridiculous in itself. Because one thing is clear: a person’s state of mind can be outed by the past lives he fantasises. Could we have a viable form of psychological diagnostic tool here?

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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