Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Four years ago this week the US and, I’m saddened to say, my own British Army invaded Iraq on a lie perpetrated by Bush and Blair. Never in the history of human conflict had so much crap been spoken by just two and believed by so many.
As the blood continues to flow in that country, we should reflect on the enormity of it all. I wrote at the time that the world was now changed, for there was a seemingly unbreakable rule regarding foreign policy. Democracies did not invade. That rule no longer applies.
On 9/11 I watched the TV in horror, and America had the sympathy of the world. When Afghanistan happened, I agreed with it – it was a terrorist infestation. But then came Iraq, and Bush diverted that sympathy to contempt while he finished his daddy’s work.
Bush hasn’t long left in the White House he never deserved. When a new President is elected I hope he, or she, remembers this. No country can do without the rest of the world.

© Anthony North, Mar 2007

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