Wednesday, 21 March 2007


You’ve got to laugh. Comrade Brown has cut the rate of income tax in the budget – and he did it with a straight face. Of course, it isn’t a bribe to assist his transition to power; and we really must forget Brown of the Stealth Tax.
Yeah, right!
You’ve got to laugh. Here we are, about to finally get rid of possibly the worst Prime Minister in British history, and what is waiting in the wings? Comrade Brown, who, after years of tax increases, offers us a sweetie and thinks we’ll be grateful.
Comrade Brown has just been compared to Stalin, but this is wrong. He may well rule government with an iron fist, but Comrade Brown won’t be our illustrious leader until death, like Jo. We’ve had enough of one control freak who patronized us. The population won’t take another.

© Anthony North, Mar 2007

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