Thursday, 8 March 2007


The problem with rubbishing conspiracy theory is that we are conspired against constantly. Politicians are a prime example. It is in the nature of a politician to crave power and dictate to the population. Why else is he where he is?
We can immediately see, here, an inherent need to conspire against us at the heart of any governing body. When politicians come up for election, they conspire within their parties to over-inflate their good points and hide the bad.
This is conspiracy of the worst kind - deceiving us is a valid political tool. Hence, the party we vote for is never the true reality of the particular party. We are not only conspired against and lied to, but totally duped.
Even a ‘popular’ government is intrinsically conspiratorial in nature. This is so because no party can ever have the total vote of the population. There are always those who will feel disenfranchised, and everything a government does is conspiratorial against those people.
With realities like this in society and politics, I find it surprising that there are as few conspiracy theories as there are.

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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