Monday, 12 March 2007


Conspiracy theories come and go, but one thing that has been constant in recent US history is that there has always been a continual spread of conspiracies involving the US government. And the supposed missing aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 is a perfect example.
Why isn’t there any film to prove that a plane DID crash into the building? The simple fact is there is. If the Pentagon isn’t constantly filmed from all angles by security, then they are remiss. But this film will never be published, and for a very good reason.
It is now known that, during the hey-day of the UFO phenomenon, the US government purposely allowed stories of UFOs to circulate – they even encouraged them. The reason was simple dis-information.
Whilst supposed ‘crack-pots’ continued to witness strange lights in the sky, and identify them as flying saucers, advanced American aircraft such as the SR-71 could fly without suspicion, sightings of the aircraft dismissed as delusions from UFO freaks.
The US government likes nothing better than stirring up conspiracy theorists so that the public do not take secret US projects seriously. And in this light, they would purposely not disclose the evidence of the Pentagon attack that is so obviously there.
The only problem is does this prove that they ARE conspiring?

© Anthony North, Feb 2007

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