Saturday, 3 March 2007


Shock. Horror. George Bush is talking dirty – he’s talking green. What’s going on? Has he seen the light? Well, let’s wait and see, first, if it is green talk or simple cosmetics, what with an election coming up. But there could just be a chance.
Let me explain. America has a love affair with oil, but they also have a love of something else – their independence. And they have never squared the circle between oil and foreign dependency on it. And the Middle East is now making the supply tenuous.
Hence, it could just be that America is, finally, having to do something about this dependency. But it certainly isn’t anything to do with the environment. Saddam seems to have done the environment a favour, with Bush scoring a home goal. So, yep, Bush has gone green. Sickly green.

© Anthony North, Jan 2007

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