Monday, 12 March 2007


As you read this a paranormal event will be happening within a couple of miles of you. It may be a haunting, a form of telepathy, or even a poltergeist. In the main it will go unreported, and this is so for two reasons.
First of all, we live in a material world where the paranormal is generally banished to the world of crackpots or superstition. And second, because of this, people are frightened of ridicule if they speak of a paranormal experience happening to them.
This is an unhealthy situation, especially considering the amount of phenomenal activity that goes on. It leaves people afraid and seemingly alone in an inexplicable world. And they eventually dismiss it as coincidence, or a trick of the light.
Perhaps the term ‘phenomenal’ is the problem. In some respects we thirst for knowledge, but in terms of the paranormal we shy away from understanding. That is why the paranormal is phenomenal – it suffers a lack of understanding.
The answer, I’m sure, is to draw back that veil of non-understanding. For when the paranormal is researched with an open mind, most inexplicable events are easily explainable. All we need is an open mind to understand a wider psychology at work.
The day we accept that paranormal events happen, and there is understanding to be had, we will cease to be afraid. And in studying the subject, we may learn something important about ourselves.

© Anthony North, March 2007

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