Tuesday, 17 April 2007


From 2010 UK schools will be required to cater for children from 8am to 6pm. The idea is to help working mothers, but teachers have now warned that it might undermine family life.
Never! Will it really? Well I’ll be damned. As if that isn’t what it’s all about. As part of the continuing Brownski Revolution, childcare and education is now transferring care and responsibility from the parent to the State.
It goes in line with the Brownski increase in big government to the point where a quarter of the work force now work for the state. Nothing to do with services, of course, but gratitude for the job, and guarantee that New Labour will have a big, fat vote to be relied on.
Now they’re getting the kids early, slowing turning them into good little Britain-hating liberals, safe in the knowledge that parents will be too busy to do anything about it.

© Anthony North, April 2007


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