Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Over the recent Iran hostage crisis I recently read a question: who do we believe, Iran or Blair? A British columnist feels the need to ask the question. No such question could have been asked in Britain prior to 1997.
Don’t get me wrong. We’ve had some bad Prime Ministers. Chamberlain was a fool – but an honest fool. Thatcher ended up a fanatic – but an honest one. But we cannot say such a thing of Blair.
How did we get to the situation where the office of Prime Minister cannot be trusted? Well, I’ve a sneaking suspicion it was meant to be this way.
In their continual thirst to retain power, could it be that New Labour has purposely degraded British government so that people are disillusioned and eventually say: I couldn’t give a damn?
The result would be the political apathy we seem to live with today – and a guarantee that people won’t be bothered to vote them out.

© Anthony North, April 2007


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