Saturday, 28 April 2007


Should Prince Harry go to Iraq with his regiment? This is a difficult one. There are two main types of war – the type where armies meet on a front line to battle for an objective; and the counter-insurgency where the enemy could be all around you, and their objective can so often be to demoralize.
With the first type there is no problem – yes, he should go. But Iraq is the second type. He would become the most prized target in the entire country. And so, too, would those soldiers with him.
It is the first duty of a commander to reduce the risk to his soldiers as much as possible, so in military terms he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near. But if he doesn’t go, the adversary wins a moral victory. I hope and pray he, and his soldiers, come out of this in one piece. But Harry must go.

© Anthony North, April 2007


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