Wednesday, 11 April 2007


It makes me sick. Twenty one million undeserved days off work in the UK last year. Cost to the country of throwing a ‘sickie’? £1.6 billion. You’d think that, rather than condemn, business and government would try to understand why.
But they’re just lazy, bone idle … yes, I know. Shut up. The problem deepens. Bosses suspect that 1 in 10 days off sick are lies. But consider how many days off in total due to sickness. 175 million in 2006. This figure is from the CBI and Axa.
In a country who’s health service prides itself on its preventative medicine, something isn’t working – apart from the population, that is. And maybe that ‘something’ is a system that works you all hours to struggle to pay your inflated mortgage, and your pension which is fast disappearing, and all to keep the companies afloat that work you all hours …
And they wonder why.

© Anthony North, April 2007