Friday, 11 May 2007


He’s going – at last. On 27 June he packs his bags and leaves. Tony Blair is – and has always been – dangerous. As I said before he became Prime Minister: never trust a politician who is liked. They are a necessity, but not one to be liked. They’ll use that likability to stuff you.
And he has. And I don’t even need to use Iraq. Instead, let’s look at his other so called achievements. Take the economy. He has had little to do with its success. This was achieved by the previous Conservative government and natural trends in the global economy.
What about education? This has subtly been changed from providing an education for life in general into a preparation solely for employment, along the way removing much of history, and leaving a generation where many don’t even understand that only one of the three begins with ‘r.’
Crime was going to be a big issue. It certainly is now. But interestingly his measures to combat it have invariably resulted in an advance of the snooper society, and he has moved us down the road to totalitarianism.
Tolerance was going to be a big thing. Certainly tolerance is here – as long as it is tolerance to a minority or liberal ideal. He has used the definite need towards inclusivity of minorities to virtually wipe out the traditional majority.
All these factors actually fit into a specific trend within the last ten years. This has been towards the degrading of the nation state and tradition. This is exactly what is needed for a globalised, mass consumer world. Under Blair, the party that championed socialism has become a lackey for big business.
Blair was also dangerous for another related reason. He has caused all main political parties to wear the same clothes. The result of this is that there is virtually no proper political debate, and apathy has driven the voter away, leaving a political class that is just a few small steps away from a totalitarianism devoted to big business.
See, I didn’t need to mention Iraq. It is just a side issue to what Blair has really done – and don’t even start me on his reduction of the noble office of Prime Minister to populism and spin.
Blair has dominated British politics for ten years. We can rightly call it the Blair Decayed. But as he goes, let us remember one final point. It was never only him. It was an uneasy duo, the other half staying out of the limelight as much as he could.
Well soon he’ll have no choice. Goodbye Blair. Good riddance. Now bring on the Backroom Kid.

© Anthony North, May 2007


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