Tuesday, 29 May 2007


A gang is a gang. But no more. The UK Youth Justice Board has decreed a gang must be a ‘group,’ so as not to offend the dear little yobs. Further, a crime committed by them must now be ‘group’ related. I suppose that is so we can include the Women’s Institute.
As the Youth Justice Board is a group, this ‘group’ related twaddle must be seen as offensive to the law-abiding majority in a ‘group’ way. Then again, collective contempt is a ‘group’ sort of thing, isn’t it.
Of course, I’m not surprised. Liberal do-gooders have gone out of their way to reverse the polarity of modern society. What was good has to be the new bad. After all, it isn’t those poor little yob’s fault that they’re what they are. It’s ours.
No. I don’t accept that. Plenty of young people are from similar backgrounds and do not become gang members. To become a yob is a choice – and a choice made easier when Liberal do-gooders validate them with ‘understanding.’

© Anthony North, May 2007

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