Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Over 100,000 children who have committed no crime are now on the UK DNA Database. Let’s get this clear. A database for crime detection is now filing away the innocent, just in case they commit one.
Why is there not a mass protest about this disgraceful mis-use of police powers? Have we gone comatose? Once upon a time I used to trust the police. Then they took them off the streets. Then they decided it best to maintain the status quo rather than punish offenders.
Then came PC for the PC, and the majority were looked upon with suspicion. This is, of course, the same majority who are vital for policing to work. It is the trust between this majority and the police that used to keep our streets safe.
I’m a law-abiding person but I don’t trust the police. Not any more. They ought to be ashamed.

© Anthony North, May 2007

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