Friday, 18 May 2007


Think tank Chatham House has warned that Iraq is on the brink of collapse and it can be no longer assumed it will survive as a state. Gosh! Aren’t they clever chaps? Only four years behind commonsense.
Let me tell it straight – as I did as the invasion was on. Iraq never was, and never can be, a viable state. It was patched together by the Brits in the hope of bringing stability to the region. It could only ever be kept together under fear of a dictator.
Take Yugoslavia as an example. As soon as dictatorship went, so did the country. And it is the same with Iraq. The only hope for stability is for this to be understood, and separate Iraq into the three natural states it should be.
Then – and only then – could there be a hope for peace. Yet even then I would have to keep my fingers crossed.

© Anthony North, May 2007

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