Wednesday, 16 May 2007


The German magazine, Spiegel, has painted a depressing picture of the average Brit. Gone, they say, are our traditional virtues of understatement, charm and stoicism, replaced by greedy, beer-swilling couch potatoes.
Ouch! Oh, and we also revel, still, in the Second World War and call Germans ‘the Hun.’ But I’m afraid I have to agree with them, to a point. It does appear that Brits are like that – if you just look at the main media.
But believe me, below the surface of media tosh there is still a silent majority who retain these fine traditions of Britishness. And we’re still as polite as we ever were. Any German can be sure of that. Alright hun?
(Note for the humourless – that’s short for ‘honey,’ a Brit term of endearment)

© Anthony North, May 2007


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