Monday, 7 May 2007


John Reid, Home Secretary and former Secretary of Everything, is to quit the Cabinet in June ‘ … as Tony Blair goes …’ The Glaswegian bruiser will be missed. How I laughed every time he went to a new job as ‘fixer’ only to make things worse.
Still, maybe Mr Not-fit-For-Purpose will find a new purpose in life as a backbencher. He may discover proper politics, rather than the New Labour penchant for making a disaster of everything and declaring it a great success.
But maybe the true story, here, is not Reid at all, but Gordon ‘Pretender’ Brownski. Isn’t it strange that, with Reid going, there is no one left to challenge him for leadership? They’ve all been bulldozed away. But then again, backroom boys will be backroom boys.

© Anthony North, May 2007


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