Wednesday, 30 May 2007


The Soil Association is about to consider new moves to assist the fight against climate change. High on the agenda is an understanding of what is, and is not, organic. In particular, they are thinking of removing organic status from food that has been on an air journey.
The organization that decides what is organic, this would be a clever step forward. After all, I’m sure that those who buy organic would assume that it had not traveled far, anyway.
Re-classifying organic as food that is local could also be a boost for UK based agriculture. At last we are beginning to see new ideas come out regarding proper environmental measures.
Indeed, out of three ideas in the last week, two have been quite excellent. As well as this present subject, we also have the EU idea of banning wasteful lightbulbs, and the government’s confirmation of nuclear power. Now guess which of these three I don’t include as a good idea.

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