Monday, 28 May 2007


I knew it wouldn’t take them long. Blair and Reid have learnt their craft well. There are many great political philosophers, from Locke to Mill, but you can guarantee that this government for the people will always prefer Machiavelli.
Stop and search is where they would inevitably end up. And so they have. It is now on the table for the police to have the powers to stop and search anyone on the streets, with a hefty fine for those who refuse to cooperate.
It is the next step on the onward march of the police state in Britain. Supposedly another protection against terrorism, it is another nail in the coffin of democracy, instigated by a government who cynically use fear to spread their tentacles over all our lives. Yet …
I can’t get it out of my head that it may prove even more cynical than this. Soon the Pretender Brownski will be our new esteemed Prime Minister. He will be unpopular. But a smile, a nod, an understanding face … and a cancellation of the idea as unpopular.
Now wouldn’t that just make HIM popular?

© Anthony North, May 2007

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SmilingCarcass said...

Sorry, you've made the same mistake as most who either haven't studied or understood the proposal. It is much more dangerous than this. We already have stop and search- reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or may be committed are needed. The new legislation is actually 'stop and question'. And no reasonable suspicion is required. The police can stop anybody, any time for any or no reason. Refusal to co-operate can result in arrest.

anthonynorth said...

Hi smilingcarcass,
I don't deny the seriousness of the proposal, but this isn't what the post is about.
What I'm saying is it could well be a cynical ploy to make him popular by cancelling it. As far as I'm aware, he hasn't done so yet, but he's still on his honeymoon period.
Watch this space.