Monday, 25 June 2007


Okay, it’s here - the time many have been dreading. A dark shadow has descended on British politics as Gordon Brownski becomes unelected Prime Minister. Once upon a time in democracy it wouldn’t be like this.
We can be worried on two counts. First, the man himself. This is a man who has arguably had a chip on his shoulder for over a decade. If true, it is solely due to Blair robbing him of the off ice he felt entitled to hold.


I thought it was the country who decided such things, not the whims of a man. But it’s academic, for Brown has played a major part in every decision taken by New Labour. People are asking what Gordon is about.
He is about everything in New Labour’s past. The party, Blair and Brown are one and the same, Blair the public face, Brownski, the backroom boy. Except that every time things got hot, Gordon did a disappearing act.
Will he be the same in office? Time will tell. But I’ll tell you this – for a man to do a disappearing act so easily and often, we are dealing with a man for contempt for everything but his own ideas. And that contempt includes you, good voter.


I say ‘voter’ lightly. Okay, it is the nature of Britain that no one but the winning party decides a Prime Minister. But over the years, the UK has been socially engineered for this moment. And the voter has absolutely nothing to do with it.
With a massive expansion of state sector workers, plus an increasing benefits system, Brownski has designed a sizeable part of the electorate that is bound to vote New Labour for no other reason that other parties would threaten their job or benefit.
A dark Brown shadow is descending on British politics. If you thought Blair was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If we’re not careful, we could have a man totally unsuited for the job declaring himself Prime Minister for life.

© Anthony North, June 2007

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