Friday, 22 June 2007


Once we saw off the European Constitution, that should have been it. The UK does not want to give up more powers to the EU; and we certainly do not want to be a ‘state’ within a United States of Europe.
Europe, however, thinks different. That’s why they are putting forward the constitution in all but name in the latest Reform Treaty. It will be seen off by Blair, but only because he knows Labour couldn’t win the Referendum that would follow.


Unfortunately, there is not one major party in the UK that agrees with the majority of the people. The majority of MPs instinctively feel that a more co-ordinated, and political, EU is the best step forward. So much for balanced representation.
One reason for this is the feeling that things, today, must be ‘big.’ Only big organizations have punch. This may seem to be true, but only if the organizational leadership can agree on things, which the EU cannot.
A second, deeper, reason has been known for decades, but will not be faced. And this is the idea that the EU is needed to stop disagreements leading to conflict. The whole European project is rooted in a fear of disintegration, and the war that could follow.


And a final reason is based squarely in philosophy. Continental European philosophy has always revolved around the idea of grand social designs. This is why Fascism and Communism became inevitable. And the EU is just a continuation of this mentality.
The UK always had a different political philosophy to this. By nature we are more towards individuality and pragmatism. Of course, these ideals hold problems, as do the European ideals, but the UK is philosophically detached from the continent.
Our MPs should remember this, for the moment they get the glimmer of hope that they could win a referendum, they will accept the latest idea of a European Constitution on offer. And the UK will never be the same again.

© Anthony North, June 2007

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