Thursday, 21 June 2007


A million UK kids have mental problems including depression, anxiety, anorexia and delinquency. So say the experts. Reasons include family breakdown, junk food, drugs, etc, robbing them of their childhoods.
Of course, none of the experts blame the experts themselves. Indeed, in highlighting the above causes, they fail to see a common problem behind them all, nor the simple fact that most of these kids are mis-diagnosed.


Kids have always suffered from a variety of anxieties, depressions and erratic behaviour. As their emotions grow, they naturally become overwhelming. It is simply part of growing up. And it is a natural progression to learn to control them.
Similarly, kids have always had to deal with tragedies, problems, even assaults. As they grow to balanced young adults, they realize an important fact about life. It’s a bitch; and the vast majority used to learn how to deal with it, and make the most of it.
Essential to this process was a form of guidance known as punishment, and a wider family environment and society that acted as a natural counseling service. It wasn’t always good, but it made the best of a bad lot, and usually succeeded.


All this changed with the arrival of the ridiculous liberal notion that children should be protected from all the ills of the world. Punishment was degraded and children were allowed to be over-indulged.
Natural progression of the emotions was seen as anomalous and tags were placed upon them. This did, of course, allow kids to react to the tags as they were told they should do. And suddenly, natural progression became illness, and the kids complied.
As this generation grew up to adulthood, the balance of life was smashed and they went on to destroy family life, give themselves up to marketing of junk food, and take drugs when they realized life no longer gave them what they desired.
This is why childhood is now destroyed, and a million kids have mental problems. Of course, within the old ways, there were real cases of mental instability, but with the vast majority, it is the liberal ideal that is to blame.

© Anthony North, June 2007

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