Thursday, 7 June 2007


It’s started. First of all we have a 2012 Olympic logo that looks like a broken Swastika, then we have footage removed from the Olympic website ‘cos it could cause epilepsy. Why am I surprised? What else can we expect when mediocrisy rules and idiots get jobs.
The Olympics is about excellence; about being the greatest. Yet this whole idea is becoming alien to Britain. Under the undisputed liberal credo that everyone should have equal opportunities, both education and the job market enshrine this nonsense in policy.
The result is an administrative class that is based on the mediocre, with no one excelling and no one able to think ‘outside the box.’ Indeed, the entire notion of excellence is drummed out of us as soon as possible.
The end result is the death of commonsense in administration. Hence, ridiculous mistakes like this. The true Olympian task will not be to win gold medals in 2012, but to sort out the mediocre mess we are in.

© Anthony North, June 2007

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