Sunday, 3 June 2007


According to MoD figures the British Army is now as small as it was prior to the Napoleonic Wars. With 99,280 men, and a shortfall in recruiting of 5,000, this is ridiculous when you consider it is having to fight two wars.
The disgusting treatment of the army by New Labour is now taking its toll. There used to be a saying that no one wants a soldier until there’s a war to fight. Blair has re-written the rules – no one wants a soldier even when there is a war to fight.
The result of this heinous shrinkage means that soldiers are away from their families for longer, and even when at unit, have to work so hard to catch up that army life is becoming a living hell.
It is to their credit that, even with donkeys in charge of these lions, they are still doing what they are ordered to do, but this cannot continue forever. It is to New Labour’s disgrace that they are doing nothing about it.

© Anthony North, Jun 2007

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