Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I would have thought Gordon Brownski would have waited a while before consolidating his dictatorship in the UK, but even I underestimated him. And I have to admit, he is doing it with panache.
Announcing a number of measures to Parliament, he has cloaked his new repressive regime in the clothes of new freedoms for a modern country. But then, he would, wouldn’t he? That’s how dictatorship rises out of democracy.


Brownski is taking away his right to go to war without Parliamentary approval. Of course, no PM goes to war unless he thinks he can carry Parliament with him – i.e. have a majority. So the vote will still be had – except, if it goes wrong, we blame them and not him.
To go to war the PM actually uses the Royal prerogative, a power held in the monarch as a safeguard against elective dictatorship by Parliament. Another important prerogative allows the PM to ask the monarch for the dissolving of Parliament. Brownski is now giving this power to Parliament – in effect, giving them their own power to dissolve themselves. I can really see them doing this.
Most worrying of these powers Brownski is ‘giving away’ is the reality that it strips powers from the Head of State and places them in Parliament alone. No other country will have such a centralized power base – and removing these last powers from the monarch does, of course, prepare the country for Republicanism.


Of course, to become a dictator through these shenanigans, Brownski will have to guarantee he remains in power. He has spent the last ten years guaranteeing this in his own party – that why he became PM unopposed – and he is now doing it in the country.
This comes via the gracious gift of him suggesting we have a new Bill of Rights, and the decision to begin a cross-party review of the voting system, with the possibility of proportional representation becoming reality. The Liberal Democrats do, of course, crave these measures.
The result of these measures is that he guarantees the Liberal Democrats will always be ‘on side’, thus securing successful election victories, and sending the Conservatives to the wilderness forever. But just a minute? If the Monarch loses the prerogative of dissolving Parliament, for how long will Brownski need elections?


Of course, the British people will eventually wake up to what is going on in this ‘free’ country. But until they do, I have this vision before me of, decades in the future, sombre music being played hour after hour on the day our Illustrious Leader dies.

© Anthony North, July 2007

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