Wednesday, 1 August 2007


It has been a vitally important couple of days for the UK and the world. First of all, the 38 year mission of the British Army in Northern Ireland has come to an end. A conflict that split so much of the UK, it is testament to how the world has changed.
At the same time, Gordon Brown met with George Bush, and hopefully didn’t talk about tooth paste. It reflects how the world is changing in the future, a new PM shaking hands with a has been President. How Brown conducted himself will define his place in the coming story of Planet Earth.
So we have the end of a story of the past, and the beginning of a story of the future, both of monumental importance for the continuing story of the UK. And when I saw the pitiful coverage of both in the media, I wondered, who cares?
And that, good reader, worries me deeply.

© Anthony North, August 2007

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