Wednesday, 8 August 2007


North and South Korea are to hold a summit at the end of August. This ground breaking announcement is seen as a sign that the ‘pariah state’, North Korea, wants to come in from the cold.
Some will say this is a success for the Bush administration, but this is far too neat a conclusion. Rather, the answer could be found in the nature of what is happening just over the border.
China is grasping capitalism, and the successes will be seen in North Korea. And it is inevitable that the population would have been questioning their leadership a little more than normal.
In other words, it could be a simple matter of self-preservation, fuelled by China’s success, not Bush’s. Then, of course, add a little Nuclear Roulette to get the west worried, and hey presto! a dictator shows he isn’t really that bad after all.

© Anthony North, August 2007

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