Tuesday, 21 August 2007


The Economic Research Council has been looking at Quangos – quasi-governmental organizations – in the UK. In the previous year they claim they have spent £167.1 billion. Further, many have expanded by over 100%.
These organizations are unelected, semi-private bodies which increasingly take over the jobs of the Civil Service, and make decree after decree upon all areas of life in the UK. Unaccountable and secretive, government is increasingly ethereal.

The commissars

Apart from the expense, serious questions need to be asked over who now governs Britain. It is increasingly becoming the case that Brownski has his own network of commissars.
Prying into everything – controlling everything – the ‘esteemed leader’ now sits on top of an empire of his own making, divorced from the democratic process and seemingly invincible.

Bye bye elections

The Quangos themselves are the elite of a massive expansion of government employees. Grounded in liberalism, their assault on tradition and existing organs of government is subtle but total.
Most of these positions are unrequired and serve no purpose other than thought control. Any other government would immediately attempt to rid us of them. Which is perhaps the other central reason they are in place.
New Labour through and through, they make up a now significant percentage of the middle class. They are guaranteed to vote New Labour, and large enough a voting mass to guarantee this heinous government is in power for eternity.

© Anthony North, August 2007

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