Monday, 3 September 2007


Two retired senior UK generals, including Gen Sir Mike Jackson, have now stepped forward to criticize US policy over Iraq, deriding claims by former Defence Secretary Rumsfeld that the US Army doesn’t do nation-building.
Particular criticism has come concerning America’s ‘post-war’ planning, doubts of which were aired at the time. No attempt, for instance, was made to ‘internationalise’ the reconstruction.

Forces for good ain’t so good

Of course, this, and the disaster Iraq became, was perfectly obvious to all but ideologically minded neo-Conmen in the Bush administration. Determined to create an American outpost in the centre of Islam, proof of stupidity came in believing the fairy tale that they would actually be welcomed by the people.
After all, if you’re seen to be working for the ‘good’, and your beliefs are so ‘right’, why would you possibly need to deal with a post-war problem?


As this administration has been wrong in just about everything it has done.

© Anthony North, September 2007

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