Thursday, 11 October 2007


A British Parliamentary committee has been scrutinizing the new EU Treaty amid claims by MPs that it is ‘substantially equivalent’ to the EU Constitution thrown out by the Dutch and French before Britain had chance to throw it out themselves.
The language is, of course, cowardly. A far better statement would be it is a document transcribed almost in full from the ‘dead’ constitution, and the bureaucrats in Brussels are con merchants and dictatorial.
What could not be achieved by democracy, they are trying to achieve by stealth. Hopefully Britain will wake up and reject the treaty wholesale. They may have taken out some of the ‘ceremony’ of the constitution, such as a European anthem, but the rest is the same.
The word ‘contempt’ comes to mind – what we should have for them, but what they certainly have for us.

© Anthony North, October 2007

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