Thursday, 18 October 2007


The Liberal Democrats have got rid of another leader. Sir Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell has had the chop is such swift and ruthless fashion that the savaging of Charles Kennedy seemed tame.
So the Lib Dems are into yet another game of Mingo. Eyes down, look out! The savagery will be unappetizing. But why on earth is a party that is supposed to be so nicey nicey descending to such horrendous tactics?
I’m afraid it is an inevitability of Liberalism, and can be seen in spades in the liberal paper, The Guardian. Whereas real thinkers and politicians see a problem and act decisively, liberals ponder until the point comes that they have to take action, and then it is merciless.
And the Lib Dems have been pondering themselves to obscurity for some time now. And are taking action. There could well be more blood.

© Anthony North, October 2007

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V said...

Heh! This was a nice one...I partly agree with what you said about how the liberalists usually delay matters until they get much worse. Though liberalism is not the most common here in India, at least per se, yet we see this very repercussion from most of our political leaders!

Nice post...


anthonynorth said...

Hi v,
Yes, it's strange, but sometimes the more forceful, even nasty, politicians can make a situation better simply because they take action when needed.
Strange indeed.