Monday, 15 October 2007


It hasn’t taken long for Britain to realise what kind of Prime Minister we have in our ‘esteemed leader’ Gordon Brown. With the Tories finally nudging ahead in the Polls, the Backroom Boy is facing challenges from inside his own Party already.
This was bound to happen, and I think it important that Britain wastes no time, now, in getting rid of this terrible politician as soon as possible.
The reasons why are simple. Over the last ten years Brown has been building a power-base amongst the electorate, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs no other Party would allow, and placing as many people on benefits that other Parties would scrap. In other words, a sizeable minority of the Brit population rely totally on Brown for job or income.
This process is still ongoing, and could reach the point where they guarantee his re-election regardless of how bad he is.

© Anthony North, October 2007

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