Thursday, 25 October 2007


The UK thirty somethings are increasingly not as free as they had once hoped. Modern living has landed them with high expenses, student loan repayments and ridiculous mortgages.
Seemingly forever tied to the ‘bank of mum and dad’, their inheritance is being sucked away, and their parent’s lives made a misery, by the super-capitalist system they seem to think is for them.
A society that promised so much for the person is, infact, degrading the individuality it was all about. A society aimed at freeing people forever is increasingly turning them into serfs. Am I alone in thinking this ironic?

© Anthony North, October 2007

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Mark said...

I think you make a brillant point! Most people are owned by their possesions and lifestyles and our unwilling to give anything up to have their freedom. Drives me crazy!

anthonynorth said...

And I think we all know this is wrong, but too many cannot think of an alternative.
The 'science' of PR has done a good job.

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