Monday, 22 October 2007


As I write, Turkey stands on the point of invading Iraq. This gross over-reaction comes following Kurdish terrorist activity. And of course, any country has the right to defend itself against terrorism.
But we must ask if the planned action is proportionate, or an inevitability.
The Anglo-US invasion of Iraq was always going to destabilize the area. And one element of this destabilization is the growing confidence of the Kurds in the north. A people who have always been denied their homeland, who can blame them?
But the point is, prior to the invasion, the Kurdish north was already ‘free’ under a protectorate from Saddam. It was a system that could have continued to work – as could the isolation of Saddam.
We will suffer the repercussions of fools for some time to come.

© Anthony North, October 2007

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