Thursday, 22 November 2007


In an open letter to MPs, UK brewing bosses have told that consumption of traditional British beer has slumped to its lowest level since the Great Depression in the 1930s. Advertising, and price reductions, of designer drinks have been blamed.
This may well be part of the problem, but it goes much, much deeper. Some drinks become global icons, such as scotch, whilst others stay only as national drinks. Traditional beer is part of this category.
Tied to the idea of the traditional British ‘local’ pub, this, too, is fast becoming a thing of the past as globalization marches in to destroy anything ‘traditional’. For the simple fact is, anything ‘traditional’ is counter to the globalised, corporate message.
As a life long beer drinker, I say ‘cheers’ to the British pint.

© Anthony North, November 2007

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romi_moondi said...

I have never been to England, and thus never been to an authentic British Pub, but Toronto is full of "British-style Pubs"'s not like the real thing, I'm sure, but there's something different about entering a cozy, musty-smelling (not sure if real British pubs are musty-smelling, but the Toronto ones are), dimly-lit bar with interesting upholstery, a friendly staff, and a little bit of everything on tap; a great way to spend an evening with friends :-)

anthonynorth said...

Hi romi,
That sounds like a pretty good approximation. Thanks for that.

PaulS said...

And as true blue Aussie, I heartily agree. Drink More Beer! And not that horrible coorporate chemical sewage water, real actual made by the landlord Beer! and lots of it, more bererrerrr, more beer, yayayayayaya

anthonynorth said...

Hi Paul,
Are you like me and enjoy your beer? The real stuff?
Good on yer :-)