Thursday, 29 November 2007


So NuLabour are reeling again. Those naughty little closet-lefties are up the proverbial with big business again, taking money from tycoons in any way they can. And Backroom Boy cum front-man who isn’t, Brown, showed himself up once more in Parliament through his total ineptitude.
The Lib Dems got a good one in, accusing him of going from Stalin to Mr Bean in a few weeks. But let’s not get too full of ourselves in the mirth.
Party funding in the Labour Party is in a total mess, and calls are coming for all political parties to be funded by the taxpayer. Maybe Labour are being Freudian, unconsciously wanting this to happen, for once ‘parties’ are funded by a public body, freedom of party activism, and new parties, could be a thing of the past.
The real problem here is not funding, but Labour’s attitude. In effect, they have done a deal with big business that, if you don’t get involved in our pseudo-socialisation of society, we won’t impede your globalization aspirations.
And when such a heinous unwritten, even unsaid pact such as that is in the offing, taking a ‘bung’ is chicken feed.

© Anthony North, November 2007

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